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Maintenance and construction of gas, water, and sewage networks

Zecchini Group has been active in the maintenance and construction of gas, water, and sewage networks for more than twenty years, employing highly specialised personnel and vehicles equipped for every eventuality. With our 24-hour on-call service, we are committed to intervene in less than an hour in case of any emergency due to gas/water leaks.






Stop/System operations

The by-pass technique is used to replace sections of pipe, repair leaks, insert valves/shutters, install dielectric joints, extend and connect pipes, etc. while maintaining the supply of gas and water constant under safe conditions for operators.

Civil/Industrial installations

We can offer a wide range of services for civil and industrial installations with the utmost care, technology, and quality degree. Every stage of the service, from the planning of the project to the choice of products and materials through to its implementation and subsequent maintenance, is taken care of precisely and efficiently.

Excavation and earthmoving – Aggregate processing

Excavation and earthmoving are among the main activities of Zecchini Group. Thanks to our numerous operating machines, we can carry out excavations on all types of terrain, levelling of materials such as rock, stone, sand, etc., loading and unloading of material, and transport of excavated material to recovery and/or disposal facilities.

At our plant in Salussola, we deal with the processing of aggregates through storage and crushing operations and their subsequent re-use.

Asbestos disposal

Following enrolment in the National Register of Environmental Managers (10 A class) in 2011, Zecchini Group can also offer a service of asbestos abatement and disposal through specially trained staff. The action steps include the remediation of surrounding surfaces, the removal of the product, and its final disposal at authorised sites.

Road works and maintenance

Several teams of asphalt workers are employed on a daily basis in road works and maintenance operations, using pavers and rollers to achieve optimum levelling. This careful procedure is followed not only for roads, but also for sidewalks and private yards and, in general, wherever strong, draining soil is needed.

Snow removal service

For some years now, our company has also been working on snow removal for municipalities and public bodies.

Before the snowfall, we spread salt to prevent the formation of ice on the road surface.

Afterwards, we intervene with snowploughs to remove any snow accumulation.

Own-account and third-party ADR transport and logistics

In addition to our ADR and LPG transport services, we have started providing a third-party goods transport service, which has significantly grown during the past year.

We have a large fleet of light and heavy vehicles for every type of operation.

We serve the whole Italy territory with deliveries within 24 hours. At our premises in Salussola, the goods are stored in our warehouses and checked as required by the ISO 9001 system, before being delivered to their recipients.

Horizontal and vertical road marking

In order to offer a better service in the road sector, the company has also specialised in horizontal and vertical road marking works, with their related services of maintenance and renewal of signs and supply and installation of materials such as signs and supports.


Zecchini Group è orgogliosa di aver collaborato con prestigiosi clienti nella realizzazione e manutenzione di impianti GPL, fognari, stradali e industriali.

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